Through each complex transaction, VERTICA Realty Group’s professional consultants explain every investment strategy with clearly defined parameters and step-by-step instructions that give clients a crystal clear understanding of the whole process.

  1. Property and asset management 
  2. Project acquisition 
  3. Complex transactions
  4. International real estate investment 
  5. Brokerage 


Backed by its extensive knowledge of global market dynamics and a solid grasp of the local business landscape, VERTICA Realty Group provides clients well thought-out studies that cover a broad range of market analyses that include financial feasibility, planning, deal structuring and financing. These services include:

  • Sales and marketing strategies
  • Land acquisition
  • Development of proposals and business plans
  • Legal and financial due diligence 


VERTICA Realty Group has established a sterling reputation for providing world-class real estate consultancy and marketing services that give buyers, tenants and investors access to a diverse portfolio of residential & commercial properties and investment opportunities for in key markets across the globe. It is staffed by a team of consultants that have a wealth of experience in developing investment strategies that always put the best interest of the investors/clients at heart, satisfying their property needs and giving them profitable returns on their investments.


  1. Interior architect/ design
  2. Property valuation
  3. Financial structuring
  4. Mortgage advisory
  5. Sales & marketing strategies